Life Sciences Sector Deal

The first of a series of ‘sector deals’ was announced today, which is aimed at expanding the themes and ambitions set out by the government’s recent Industrial Strategy.  The very fact that the Life Sciences industry has been awarded the privilege of being the first of these deals to be announced indicates the importance government […]

Government publishes draft industrial strategy

The Government launched its Industrial Strategy white paper and confirmed that the first Life Sciences sector deal will be signed in the next few weeks. Setting out how Britain is to become more competitive, innovative and productive to ‘boost the earning power of people across the UK’, the Government has revealed some of its long-term […]

Could ISPOR shed any new light on VBP?

Value Based Pricing. The term is a familiar one though perhaps still rather ill-defined. It is a concept that has for nearly 10 years now been heralded as an important way to ensure the price of a drug is reflective of its true value. VBP was directly addressed or at least touched on in many […]

Unlocking the gates to access – the Government responds to the AAR

A year after the independent Accelerated Access Review (AAR) set out its vision of a system able to adopt innovation into the NHS more quickly and cheaply, the government has published its response.  Welcomed across industry, business and charities, the recognition of the need to unblock obstacles to access is vital, but has the government […]

Conservative Conference 2017 – Analysis

“Nye Bevan deserves credit for founding the NHS in 1948” Jeremy Hunt told Conservative Party Conference. But he made clear that it was a Conservative Health Minister in 1944, Sir Henry Wilink, whose white paper in fact announced the setting up of the NHS. In a speech that focused heavily on the Conservative Party’s stewardship […]