Conservative Conference 2017 – Analysis

“Nye Bevan deserves credit for founding the NHS in 1948” Jeremy Hunt told Conservative Party Conference. But he made clear that it was a Conservative Health Minister in 1944, Sir Henry Wilink, whose white paper in fact announced the setting up of the NHS. In a speech that focused heavily on the Conservative Party’s stewardship […]

Labour Conference 2017 – Analysis

Analysis of the 2017 Labour Conference, by the team at Decideum

Queen’s Speech 2017

As ever, Decideum gives you our expert take on this central political event. PDF document download (512 Kb) 

General Election 2017 – The Health of the House

We should all know by now that there is seldom anything predictable about elections, except of course to expect the unexpected. A pretty catastrophic error of judgment by the Prime Minister certainly, but as the dust settles, what can we learn in these early days of the new government. And in particular, Decideum’s clients want […]

The Last Spring Budget Briefing

Chancellor Philip Hammond today gave his first (and last) Spring Budget, which included announcements on social care funding, R&D tax credits and STP capital. You can download our briefing on this here.