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The Government launched its Industrial Strategy white paper and confirmed that the first Life Sciences sector deal will be signed in the next few weeks.

Setting out how Britain is to become more competitive, innovative and productive to ‘boost the earning power of people across the UK’, the Government has revealed some of its long-term thinking, finally putting some detail behind an ambition articulated by the Prime Minister on her first day in office.

We have produced an Industrial Strategy_Briefing distilling some of the pertinent points for pharma.  However, as more detail comes through, particularly in the run up to the Life Sciences Sector Deal, we will gain more understanding of how much change will actually be felt.

The main objective of the Life Sciences Sector Deal (containing commitments from both the government and industry) will be to “ensure new treatments and medical technologies are produced in the UK, improving patient lives and driving economic growth.” It is not about reforming access to medicines, but rather continuing to seek to implement the recommendations from the life sciences review by Sir John Bell.

Read Decideum’s Industrial Strategy briefing here




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