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Decideum consultants deliver public affairs strategies in a style that yields trust as well as results for clients. Our experienced consultants focus on five strategies:

  • Distilling strategy:

All public affairs must be built upon a clear strategy with established milestones and identifiable goals.

  • Mapping the environment:

Identifying those individuals and groups in a position to impact on your business or organisation is fundamental to any campaign, but of equal importance is an understanding of their interplay and priorities. Decideum provides comprehensive mapping services of stakeholders, key opinion leaders and decision makers across the UK and EU so you know you those audiences that matter most.

  • Analysing and prioritising:

Aware of the limitations that apply to organisations of every size, Decideum’s effective stakeholder engagement programme looks carefully at the right way to engage with the right stakeholder at the right time. We understand which targets are a priority and the best route to accessing them.

  • Sharp messaging:

With your audiences identified and prioritised, it is now vital that a clear and consistent message reaches and resonates with them.  We clarify how your organisation’s needs align with political appetite and advise on how these can best be communicated to the people that matter.

  • Implementation:

All too often, well-devised strategies are let down by an inability to get things done. At Decideum execution comes first. Our dedication to seeing our clients’ goals met ensures we put full weight behind driving the completion of what we set out to achieve.

  • Intelligence and Monitoring
  • Policy Research & Development
  • Political influencing
  • Profile-raising
  • Events and roundtables
  • Government relations

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