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Every organisation that relies on its reputation for its operational success, ought to be able to anticipate, as far as practicable, potential risks that may threaten it.

Decideum will advise you in protecting and enhancing your corporate reputation as well as helping you navigate crises that pose a threat to your organisation.

Years of experience and exposure to major issues affecting companies and organisations equip us to provide calm, measured and intuitive counsel to our clients.

Our senior advisers share years of experience working closely with public-facing individuals in private and public sector bodies to deal with crises thrown up in the press, media or political arenas. Matters that we have handled have included: board disputes, high profile scandals, sudden loss of CEOs and more.

Our approach is straightforward and comprises two equally important facets: providing planning and foresight that anticipates and addresses potential risks; and offering on-hand, 24/7 expert support delivered by highly-experienced consultants.

Our expertise covers:

  • Issues and crisis response
  • Strategic and tactical planning and advice
  • Preparedness planning and training
  • 24/7 on-call senior support and guidance
  • Wordsmithing
  • Simulation exercises
  • Media and legislative committee training
  • Media management
  • Senior strategic support
  • Issues and reputation management
  • Government relations
  • Internal audits
  • Training
  • Internal capacity building and interim leadership
  • Enhancing leader profiles
  • Mock panels/appeals
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